In this module, learners are introduced to the distinction between learning and acquisition. The distinction is made to help give learners context for the principle that language requires practice. To introduce the importance of practice, the distinction between a focused and diffuse mode of learning demonstrates that students who simply learn through memorizing vocabulary and grammar structures (focused mode) often don’t acquire language structures. On the other hand, teachers who engage students in both a focused and diffuse mode, like a basketball coach with his players, are able to instruct but give time for that instruction to “sink in” through dedicated practice.

  1. Video: Video 1: Acquisition vs. Learning
  2. Video: Video 2: Two Modes of Learning
  3. Practice Quiz: Checkpoint 1
  4. Video: Video 3: Language is Basketball
  5. Video: Video 4: Practice in the Two Modes
  6. Reading: Accuracy vs. Fluency: Find a Balance and Keep Moving Forward
  7. Practice Quiz: Checkpoint 2
  8. Video: Video 5: Summary and Essential Question
  9. Reading: The Acquisition-Learning Distinction